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What have I written so far? Besides the hardware and software manuals I wrote as a technical writer, I've written short stories for children and for adults, poems, several humor pieces, some informative articles, and a few personal essays. My primary focuses are fiction and humor, so I often write humorous fiction.

I've finished drafts of two novels: Chasing Monday, a coming-of-age novel about a 15-year-old girl, and Purple Panic, a quirky midgrade book involving chewing gum. My other novels in progress include Can't Beet It, a humorous YA novel about a guy with a lousy job, and End of the Line, a YA novel about the aftermath of a suicide. If I can nail the logistics down, I may also try a time travel novel, tentatively titled Since You're Gone. I also have several picture book manuscripts in various stages of development, and ideas for chapter book and middle grade series.

Want to sample my writing? I'm not comfortable putting my current writing projects on the web, but there are links below to a few of my previous manuscripts that are online. You can also read some of my first (and a few second) sentences, as a teaser.

Published Works

Under Development

          and various others in early stages....


Updated 9/11/08